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Trump Gets Booed During O’Reilly Interview Over Booster Comment

Spending the last two weeks on the “History Tour,” former President Donald Trump has been visiting states around the country, speaking on the problems Americans are facing. Teaming up with long-time conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly, the pair recently spoke to a large crowd in Dallas, Texas.

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While the pair touched on several hot topics surrounding America and what the future might hold, the focus of the entire conversation surrounded the fact that both Trump and O’Reilly have not only received the COVID-19 shot but have also gotten the booster. 

In the video, featured below, O’Reilly and Trump admitted in front of the audience that they have received all recommended shots surrounding COVID-19. Not surprising, there was a group in attendance that disagreed with their decision and even booed the pair. But Trump, accepting their opinion, has been adamant about Americans having the right to decide if they want to take the jab or not.

With the COVID-19 drug still being studied and researched, Trump understood that some would be hesitant and therefore respected their opinion. But not wanting it to be the focus of the entire night, the 45th President quickly moved on. Unlike the Biden administration that is pushing mandates to force the jab, Trump continues to believe in American’s freedom to decide.  

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