Apparently, the mainstream media is so busy exhausting every resource attacking Kyle Rittenhouse and painting him as a domestic terrorist that they haven’t had time to cover the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell.

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For those who might need a refresher, Maxwell is currently on trial for being the partner of Jeffrey Epstein, who was investigated for supplying young girls to some of the most elite people in the world for sexual purposes. Some of the bigger names in this scheme included Prince Andrew and former President Bill Clinton.

Potentially having the power to share the most intimate details, Maxwell’s trial has been somewhat blacklisted from numerous media outlets, and the only photos that have surfaced so far are actually artist-rendered sketches. Recently, Twitter banned an account created to track the Maxwell trial, and, unsurprisingly, their reason for it is basic censorship. 

In association with the Free Press Report, the Twitter account was known for posting regular updates on the trial despite the fact that most outlets aren’t covering it. In a post, the Free Press Report commented on the ban, stating, “I woke up this morning and the @TrackerTrial account on Twitter was suspended. All the other accounts that I have made in the past were also suspended.”

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According to the report, the Twitter account was suspended for breaking key guidelines like the “rules against platform manipulation and spam.” 

What makes the ban even more curious is the fact that the creator behind the account has also had all other accounts blocked as well. The author wrote, “According to Twitter’s rules, apparently the account was ‘artificially’ amplifying information. I am not sure what I was ‘amplifying’ and how I was doing that.”

Although banned, the creator has already set up identical accounts on Gab to continue the efforts on informing people on the Maxwell trial and Nancy Pelosi’s outlandish spending. But that doesn’t mean they are done with Twitter, as the author noted, “We have appealed to Twitter for a possible lift of the suspension, but it is likely we will never hear from them.”

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