On a recent episode of Bannon’s War Room, Steve Bannon was joined by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., where Kennedy dove into how the Pentagon was allegedly involved and funding the very research that led to the purported Wuhan lab leak that is believed to be the origins of the pandemic.

“The Pentagon, after the anthrax attacks during 9/11, the Pentagon wanted to get back into bioweapons research, but as you just pointed out, it was illegal to do offensive research. You could only do defensive research.

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What does that mean? It means vaccine development. But a lot of defensive research, the same experiments that you use to develop a vaccine are the same experiments that you use to develop bioweapons. The Pentagon wanted to start doing bioweapons, but they did not think they could sell it to the world that ‘We are just developing vaccines’ – that the Pentagon is putting all this money into vaccines.

So instead, they funnel the money beginning in 2001 through Tony Fauci – 1.7 billion dollars a year, now it’s 2.2 billion. They also gave Fauci a 68% raise attached to his bioweapons research. So that’s one of the reasons he has to keep doing these gain of function studies, even when Obama ordered him to stop in 2014. He didn’t stop. He continued developing the worst of that technology – the gain of function technology at the University of North Carolina secretly and illegally.”

Kennedy delivered a brief overview of the reasoning behind former President Obama handing down a moratorium on Fauci’s research that was purportedly ignored, as numerous scientists urged President Obama in 2014 to put a stop to Fauci’s meddling with viruses that could lead to serious problems if they were to leak.

Outside of Fauci reportedly having Ralph Baric continue these studies at the University of North Carolina, Kennedy claimed that Fauci was secretly funneling money to fund Chinese labs to keep the ball rolling on gain of function studies.

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“He also moved a lot of those studies offshore, and to take his fingerprints off them he laundered the money through this bioweapons grifter called Peter Daszak and his little group, EcoHealth Alliance, who would distribute the money to the Chinese scientists at the lab.”

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