COLUMBIA, SC – Chief Minority Whip of The South Carolina Democratic Caucus, Cezar McKnight, thinks you’re stupid if you don’t take an experimental gene therapy shot that has been proven to be very efficient in stopping the COVID-19 virus.

McKnight thinks you’re stupid if you don’t take the shot in which no long-term studies have been concluded.

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Does McKnight know that there have been almost a million adverse events reported in association with the COVID Jabs, according to OpenVAERS, or is he stupid?

Does McKnight know that obesity plays a major factor in COVID-19 symptoms, and does that mean fat people are also stupid?

What about people who have already had COVID-19, recovered, and have some level of natural immunity? Are they also stupid?

Where does the stupidity end? How about people who choose to smoke, drink alcohol, overeat red meat, fast food, and processed food, or don’t wear a seat belt or a bike helmet.

The list of possible poor choices is practically endless. It appears as if McKnight hasn’t thought this through very well.

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“If you are unvaccinated and you are hospitalized for COVID, your health insurance is not required to pay for your treatment. Stupidity is the choice. If you choose to be stupid, pay the stupid price.” – Cezar McKnight, Chief Minority Whip of The South Carolina Democratic Caucus

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Fortunately, it seems as if most people realize that what McKnight said in the above clip is pretty stupid, as evidenced by some of the comments we’ve seen online about it.

Here are a few of them…

“He obviously was the stupid choice of a lot of stupid people. Fuck him!”

“What a remark! This kind of thinking is the foundation of medical apartheid.”

“You know what, I’d say fine. Let the un jabbed have the HCQ and ivermectin and vitamin D three and zinc and whatever other therapeutics I requested early on, and let’s see who has been in the hospital dying in the next six months. It sure as hell won’t be the ones not jabbed. I’m sure my insurance would rather pay for the cheap therapeutics upfront than a hospital stay at the backend any day. This guy is an ignorant Twatt or a piece of crap criminal.”

“I guess South Carolinians paid a stupid price for electing this jackass.”

“Injecting yourself with the gene injection is the stupid choice.”

“No insurance company will cover any adverse reactions to the jab, and there’s a crazy amount of adverse reactions. So who’s the stupid one.”

“So if you are vaccinated. And get covid. Does Pfizer or Moderna pay for the treatment?? Being as the quacksination is 100 % safe and effective? Just wondering.”

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