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Who Is Ethan Crumbley? Details About The Alleged Oxford High School Shooter

DETROIT, MI – We at Red Voice Media have previously reported [1] on the tragic school shooting that took place on November 30th at Oxford High School, where now there have been four confirmed deaths [2] and at least seven injured.

But now we’re beginning to learn more [3] about the 15-year-old who has been charged with several counts of murder, identified as Ethan Crumbley, as well as learning about how he obtained the weapon he allegedly used during the incident.

According [4] to some of Crumbley’s classmates at the school, he was bullied at times, although authorities have not yet presented any possible motive in the shooting – nor have officials suggested that any of the shooting victims were directly targeted by the suspect.

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As for the weapon used during the incident, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said it was a 9mm Sig Sauer that was purchased by Crumbley’s father, James, on Black Friday – just four days prior to the shooting.

Photos posted to Crumbley’s now-deleted Instagram account showed him holding the weapon and firing it, according to Sheriff Bouchard. Officials say that when Crumbley surrendered to police, he had seven additional rounds remaining inside of the weapon.

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald announced on December 1st that Crumbley was being charged with multiple counts of murder, terrorism, assault, and weapons possession charges – and her office is also considering charges against both of Crumbley’s parents.

Following the shooting, police raided the home where Crumbley lived with his parents, reportedly [9] seizing several other firearms from the house.

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But there are even more troubling elements in this case, as it appears Crumbley even established a sort of morbid countdown [11] on one of his now-deleted social media accounts that read “Now I become death – destroyer of the worlds – see you tomorrow Oxford.”

A YouTube account listed under “James Crumbley [12]” hosts videos of the suspected gunman when he was approximately 10-years-old, doing various vlogs and gameplay footage videos.

Another development in the case, as conveyed by Sheriff Bouchard during a December 1st press conference [13], was that Oxford High School officials had spoken with Crumbley about “concerning” conduct in school the day before and of the incident – and even met with Crumbley’s parents the morning of the shooting before it occurred.

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“The school did have contact with the student the day before and the day of the shooting for behavior in the classroom that they felt was concerning. In fact, the parents were brought in the morning of the shooting and had a face-to-face meeting with the school. The content of that meeting is obviously part of the investigation.”

While authorities, again, haven’t detailed what they believe led to the alleged shooter’s actions – it’s becoming all the more clear that something was seriously awry with the suspect.