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1000% Increase In Disease From Jab Per DoD Data, Attorney Renz Makes An Offer To Attorney Generals [VIDEOS]

With the Supreme Court ruling against President Joe Biden’s jab mandate, Senator Ron Johnson holding his “COVID-19: A Second Opinion” panel and the Freedom Truckers taking over Ottawa, the COVID-19 hysteria that has captivated the world over the past two years has taken center stage. Once claiming to follow the science – experts, doctors, and now even Department of Defense databases are showing the potential side effects surrounding the COVID-19 drug created by big pharma and promoted by the Democrats. With the truth coming to light, Ohio attorney Thomas Renz has recently come forward suggesting not only is the COVID-19 jab dangerous, but the government willingly poisoned thousands of troops. 

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Before Renz appeared on The War Room with Steve Bannon, he spoke with One American News about the DOD database that was designed to catch health issues spiking in soldiers. The attorney described the system and COVID-19 jab as, “Well, I think it’s very effective if you want to kill people. I mean, if that’s the goal. I mean, listen, so Dan, and good to see you again, but this is not something that we really have to be curious about. The DOD database, the Demat database — the Defense Medical Epidemiological Database is what it is — it was designed so that we could watch for issues popping up with our soldiers. It’s top of the line. It’s the best set of medical records, the best analysis tool that I can find anywhere. This is rock solid. These guys are young, healthy people. They’re much more fit than the regular population. And we’re seeing instance after instance, disease. I have 140-some, I believe, data points, all showing hundreds of percent increases of injury and death. I mean, it is mind-blowing.”

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Having such evidence in his possession, Bannon, as seen in the video above, questioned Renz on why any Attorney General has already stepped forward wanting to pursue charges. Bannon’s question is completely valid given that Renz is accusing the United States government of not just fraud or ignorance but poisoning and murdering troops.


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