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33-Year-Old Single Dad KIDNAPPED by Hospital, Set for Death! PLUS: Nurse Whistleblower and MORE!

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On the Wednesday edition of the Stew Peters Show, an anonymous whistleblower nurse shared a shocking story about what appears to be a disease-drug-death conspiracy being carried out through hospitals in America.

The Nurse Whistleblower stated: “I now have patients who are getting new hearts and organ transplants in 3 weeks … it usually takes years…. A human heart is worth 1.4 million, the whole body is worth 65 million dollars. Organ harvesting is a huge industry.”

Also, Stew was joined by Machaela Hughes, whose son Charles is being held hostage in a West Virginia hospital.

According to Machaela, it started with him feeling ill at work with a mere headache. For this he was prescribed antibiotics and steroids, then he started having a hard time breathing, then he went to the hospital, then he was given two Covid tests, and even though they came back negative, St. Mary’s told him he had Covid and refused to let him leave.

St. Mary’s then held Charles hostage in the ICU, which caused him to have a panic attack, increasing his heartbeat and making his breathing problems worse, which then gave the hospital an excuse to place him on a ventilator and dose him with Remdesivir.

Charles has been in severe decline ever since, including his hair falling out, and the doctors continue to drown him with paralytic drugs, which have given him at least one heart attack.

Stew was also joined by Dr. Jane Ruby, who graciously answered questions about killer hospitals, killer tests, and killer hoaxes.

During the interview, Stew Peters also teased that he may run for Governor this year in Minnesota, against incumbent Tim Walz.

“They’re really scared of the Stew Peters Show,” Stew Peters told Dr. Jane. “Just like the governor here in Minnesota, we heard he’s trembling, he’s really scared of me too, he thinks I’m going to run for governor, maybe I should run for governor in Minnesota, maybe that would be a good idea.”

“You’ve got my vote Stew,” Dr. Jane replied. “Time for new blood.”

All this and more on Wednesday’s edition of the Stew Peters Show!

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