Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who has been engaging in the typical media rounds promoting his latest film “Don’t Look Up,” spoke with Deadline not only about the film but about how one of the greatest “passions” in his life is about the “climate crisis” – weeks after a nice yachting trip – and how the Earth “literally” only has nine years left before calamity strikes.

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In a January 18th article published by Deadline, DiCaprio spewed the predictable with respect to his movie promotion tour – talking about the filming process and saying why people should see the movie. But the interview took a turn after the Deadline reporter inquired about DiCaprio’s “biggest frustration on combating climate change” to which the actor claimed how there’s only nine years left before Earth is basically kaput.

“I’ve had two great passions in my life,” he said. That has been acting, and the protection of the natural world and getting the message out about the climate crisis. I’ve had a foundation for 20 years. I got to go to Glasgow.

“I got to see world leaders make some pretty substantial commitments, but much like this movie, there is a ticking clock. I think there’s a worldwide sense of anxiety about the fact that the powers that be, the private sector, governments, are not making the transition fast enough. We literally have a nine-year window.”

DiCaprio continued from there, alleging that there is some sort of cabal of “fake scientists” pandering to “oil companies” that are trying to “distract” the masses about the impact of “carbon in our atmosphere.”

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“I think that a lot of this has been shrouded and complicated by fake scientists who have been hired by oil companies all the way back when Exxon found out about and tried to bury and distract from the evidence about the impacts of too much carbon in our atmosphere,” he continued.

While clamoring about the ill-effects of “carbon in our atmosphere,” mere weeks before his Deadline interview was published, DiCaprio was spotted with his girlfriend while leaving “Swiss billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli’s yacht for their New Year’s break in St Barts” according to Breitbart News.

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The relevancy of that yachting experience can’t be understated in light of DiCaprio’s comments about “the impacts of too much carbon,” as a report from The Conversation notes how superyachts are “by the far worst asset to own from an environmental standpoint.”

“For example” the report states, “a superyacht with a permanent crew, helicopter pad, submarines and pools emits about 7,020 tons of CO2 a year, according to our calculations, making it by the far worst asset to own from an environmental standpoint.”

A rather interesting endeavor for an individual who proclaims that the “climate crisis” is one of his biggest “passions” in life.

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