It can be rather difficult to keep on with all the disasters that have come out of the Biden administration in just a single year. Most Americans appear to be fixated on the economy, inflation, and COVID-19. But before the price of living started to surge, one of President Joe Biden’s first true tests at being a leader was when he decided to pull troops out of Afghanistan and end a war that had been waging for over two decades. What would follow was labeled a complete disaster as not only were there billions of dollars worth of equipment, weapons, and military vehicles left behind, but throughout the withdrawal process, 13 U.S. service members would lose their lives. 

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While some, including the Biden administration, have sought to forget the disaster surrounding Afghanistan, Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, who was reprimanded for speaking against the Biden administration, recently spoke on Megyn Kelly’s podcast. And although he has had his career practically ruined for speaking out, Scheller continued to harp on the failed leadership behind Afghanistan and the main person to blame, General Frank McKenzie, who happens to be the U.S. Central Command leader. 

In the video above, Scheller ripped into the Biden administration, saying, “If I was Joe Biden, I would say ‘the buck stops with me;’ if I was Gen. McKenzie, I would say that the ‘buck stops with me.’ If I was Lloyd Austin, I would say, ‘the buck stops with me.’…all three have shirked responsibility. My position is once the generals, Gen. McKenzie specifically…when he recommended to the president that we should have 2,500 troops, there was a responsibility for the military advisor to get the boss to take his plan…so he failed in that ‘soft diplomacy’…so at that point, Gen. McKenzie had a choice. He could have resigned…he had a moral responsibility to resign.”

Scheller didn’t just accuse the Biden administration as he also gave examples. “Operation planners submitted plans to the Biden administration to maintain Bagram, but Biden and his inner circle instead decided to close down Bagram because they wanted to shrink the force in Afghanistan very quickly.”

Even after the military imposed a gag order on Scheller, he would continue to speak out against the Biden administration. “But [McKenzie] didn’t [resign], so he obviously thought, based on the restraints that he had, he could pull off the plan. In my opinion, at that point, he is responsible. He is the military guy that’s in charge of that plan doing the withdrawal. He doesn’t get to go back, after the fact, which is what he did, and so, ‘no, I told the president 2,5000, and he didn’t listen to me. Well, you didn’t resign, did you Frank, and you didn’t get him to agree to your plan, did you, Frank, so guess what? You’re responsible at this point. It just kind of breaks my heart that this is where we’re at, we’re looking at these general officers, their plans were obviously failing, and we don’t have anyone saying, ‘hey, we messed this up.’”

As for those who lost their lives due to the leadership in the White House, a music video was released honoring their sacrifice and bashing the Biden administration. As is the usual protocol, YouTube quickly sought to remove it.

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