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Since the beginning of the pandemic, the U.S. government has paid financial incentives which encourage abuse of patients. Thanks to the work of the Stew Peters Show, many of these murders, and the murderers, have been exposed.

Human beings like Scott Quiner have withered away and died from a virus they could have easily survived if given proper treatment.

We have figured out the murder routine: someone tests positive for Covid, they are prescribed Remdesivir, placed on a ventilator, and then they die.

On Tuesday, the Stew Peters Show unfortunately had another death care story to share, this time it involved Sean Dickens, who believes his mother was killed by these same heartless protocols.

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Sean joined Stew to raise the alarm for others, and to garner support and prayers for his brother-in-law’s father, who is currently in the hospital and facing the same deathly spiral of abuse, masked as tending loving, scientifically-backed care.

“I asked about not using Remdesivir, but Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, and of those other treatments, and the hospital said absolutely not,” Sean told Stew on Tuesday. “If we could have gotten those to her the day of, or the day after, she was diagnosed in the memory center, then I think she would be here today.”

“These stories are getting repeated over and over again, and it’s shocking to me,” Stew told Sean. “The fact that I’m talking to you is actually an atrocity in and of itself.”

“I think it’s a part of the big treatment plan- they get you in there and now you can’t have visitors because you have Covid and you’re gonna catch and spread it,” Sean told Stew. “My final words are, don’t let your loved ones go to the hospital.”

“We’re praying for you, and we’ll be praying for your brother-in-law’s father as well,” Stew told Sean. “He’s dealing with what appears to be the same deadly cocktail, intentionally designed to kill people in our nation’s hospitals, that have become the new death camps, the new ovens, the killing fields.”

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