Before Trump would completely mesmerize American politics, there was the Obama family. President Barack Obama would lead America with the First Lady, Michelle Obama, by his side for eight years. Throughout the years, the Obama administration would be rocked with scandals surrounding the legitimacy of Barack’s birth certificate and where his loyalties truly lie. But among all the theories that circulated the Obama White House, one of the most startling ones was the notion that Michelle Obama was not a woman but was born a man. Being labeled outlandish, the theory quickly disappeared, but new evidence presented by Amazon facial recognition suggests the former First Lady could be a man. 

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In the video featured below, Amazon’s gender recognition software apparently was shown a list of famous women to see how the technology would react. While getting some right, it should be noted that when it came to Michelle Obama, the software identified her as a biological male. Not only the former First Lady, but Amazon’s software also revealed that female tennis star Serena Williams is also a man. 

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Although the results are shocking, as is explained in the video, experts believe that the software is highly biased. Amazon responded by claiming that the software was meant for face recognition, not gender analysis, so therefore the findings are inaccurate.

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