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Back in October 2021, Teddy Daniels appeared on the Stew Peters Show and shared wisdom from his fifteen years as a police officer and his time with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, where he credits God with saving his life. At the time, Teddy was making a run for Pennsylvania’s 8th House district, but now, he has decided to run for a different office, Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania.

On Tuesday, Teddy returned to the Stew Peters Show, to discuss this decision and converse about state issues like Covid mandates, insane crimes levels, democrat incompetence, and his plans to resurrect fair and truthful voting.

“Thanks to pro-crime Soros DA Larry Krasner, crime has exploded in Philadelphia and it’s spilling over into the entire state,” Stew Peters told Teddy, as he pointed out how challenging it will be for Teddy to win a state-wide election.

Teddy explained his switch by saying that many of the issues that people were bringing to him needed to be addressed and fixed are issues that can be fixed on the state level.

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“They were state issues; the masks in the schools, the business lockdowns, the governor calling people essential and non-essential,” Teddy told Stew Peters.

“Democrat incompetence; that’s abundantly present,” Stew Peters said Tuesday. “There’s not a democrat in America right now that has a positive approval rating.”

Stew also spoke about how election integrity has been destroyed through the past election and questioned Teddy on his plan to overcome obstacles created by election corruption.

“So many Democrats are actually switching their registration to republican,” Teddy responded, adding his belief that 2022 is the year to position conservatives into office.

“When we get in in 2022, we are going to revamp the entire system from when Trump runs in 2024; that’s what needs to happen,” Teddy said Tuesday. “Stew, we’ve got attorneys on standby.”

“We need the masses of people – not just the appointed pole-watchers,” Stew told Teddy, as he called for patriots to go out and be active in watching the poles and to present public pressure.

Daniels told Stew that citizens need to avoid being “reactive instead of proactive,” and that he is “putting the systems in place to make sure that does not happen.”

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