Apparently, the at-home COVID rapid test kits that were promised by the Biden administration are finally making their way to Americans – better late than never, obviously. Except, it was discovered that the origin of these very rapid test kits is none other than China.

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On January 26th, The Blaze reported that once people stateside “began receiving free at-home COVID-19 tests kits distributed by the Biden administration this week, many Americans began noticing something odd about the tests: They are made in China.”

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer cited the same thing during the January 25th broadcast of “America’s Newsroom,” stating that after he’d ordered the four free kits – which he admitted did arrive quickly – he saw the “fine print” on the back of the back that read “made in China.”

“I got mine yesterday,” he said. “All four of them came. Congrats U.S. government — U.S. Postal Service did a great job. Got my four tests. And on the back of the fine print, Dana, it is made in China.”

Former Daily Wire and Townhall contributor Beth Baumann took to Twitter after receiving her free test kits in the mail, bemoaning the lack of quality control that sullied some of her rapid test kits as well as the made in China aspect.

“Got my ‘free’ COVID tests,” she tweeted. “What a joke. Not only are they made in China but the ‘sealed’ tube was open and went everywhere. Theoretically, I could only use one test because of the lack of solution.”


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The tests that Americans have been receiving thus far were manufactured by iHealth Labs Inc. Even though iHealth Labs is headquartered in California, the packaging of the tests clearly note that they were manufactured in China.

But, as reported by Reuters, it’s hardly surprising that these tests manufactured by iHealth Labs would wind up being pieced together in China – as iHealth Labs is a subsidiary of Chinese medical supply company Andon Health Co Ltd.

The Defense Department wound up awarding iHealth $1.275 billion to produce millions of these at-home rapid COVID tests, per an announcement made by the Defense Department back on January 14th.

Republican Senator Rick Scott issued a statement on the China-made tests, condemning the Biden administration for using taxpayer dollars towards a Chinese company when said money could’ve benefitted an American manufacturer.

“The federal government has a responsibility to support American manufacturers,” he said, “and we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that it was the Chinese Communist Party that lied about this deadly virus, tried to hide it, and has continuously covered up the origins of COVID-19.”

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