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Attorney Renz’s Whistleblower, DoD Database Examined, Reveals They Knowingly Poisoned Troops [VIDEO]

Just within the last year, there have been numerous doctors, nurses, and experts coming forward, warning about the dangers of the COVID-19 drug that is currently being promoted all around the world. In America, Joe Biden even tried to force the jab on America’s workforce. Luckily, the Supreme Court blocked his mandate. But while the media continues to circulate news surrounding the Biden administration, COVID-19, and the supposed miracle drug, what appears to be one of the most significant pieces of data is simply being ignored. 

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During a panel discussion hosted by Republican Senator Ron Johnson called “COVID-19: A Second Opinion,” one of the speakers, Ohio attorney Thomas Renz, dropped a bombshell about the data found in the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database [2] (DMED) and how revealed a major spike in miscarriages, cancer diagnoses, female infertility, and myocarditis. And what is even more surprising, the surge started in 2021. 

In the video above, not only is the Department of Defense database explained and examined, but it also shows how just in cancer diagnoses alone, there was close to a 300% increase. To make matters worse, the evidence detailed how the DoD might have known about the increases and still decided to go ahead with mandatory jabs on American troops. 

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