There are a lot of sides to be taken when it comes to COVID-19 and how it has swept over the entire globe. For some, like the Democrats, they believe mountains of mandates and forced jabs will help stop the virus. Many other governments have adopted this same style of government overreach as they claim to be fighting a humanity-killing virus. But according to businessman Luke Johnson, who appeared on BBC Question Time, the hysteria that has come from COVID-19 will eventually kill more than the virus itself. 

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Making a shocking revelation, Johnson, in the video below, doesn’t hold back when he rips into the numerous governments around the world for overreacting about a virus that he claims has only killed around 350 people. Suggesting that when a person with prior morbidities is removed from the COVID-19 data, Johnson revealed that more people drown in a single year (400) than die from the coronavirus. 

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Not shying away from the fact that each death is a tragic event, Johnson understands and sympathized with the people who have lost loved ones, friends, and family. But as he continued to point out, because of the government’s overreaction and lockdowns, we are currently in one of the largest recessions in 300 years. Johnson also revealed that the Bank of England admitted the economy would shrink by 14%. He added, “That is equivalent to two recessions.” 

Labeling the whole event as a depression, Johnson would predict a staggering 2 million people to be unemployed within the year. He then entertained the question of how many deaths will stem from unemployment and the fact that truly sick people can’t get the help they need because the doctors are backed up with COVID-19 patients. That is the moment Johnson ended his speech with, “Lockdowns will be causing more deaths than the virus.”

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