ATLANTA, GA – Kicking off 2022, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to the Southern state this week to promote the Democrat’s federal election bill that seeks to protect mail-in balloting. While the Democrats have been pushing the agenda for some time, President Biden is finally speaking on the matter, and as most Americans already know, when Biden is given a platform – anything can happen. 

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Speaking to the Americans, Biden claimed that passing the bill would allow the Department of Justice to stop laws they deem discriminatory before they even go into effect. Not noticing what he did, the video below showed Biden admitting that the DOJ believes that security measurements like voter IDs are somehow discriminatory. President Biden literally said, “Passing H.R. 4 would mean that the Justice Department can stop discriminatory laws before they go into effect.” 

Now, why exactly is that such a big deal? Not only has mail-in balloting come under fire for not being safe and easily manipulated, but it was the Democratic Party who is currently promoting a system that requires some residents to show proof they got the COVID-19 jabs in order to enjoy a simple meal at a restaurant. But when it comes to voting, showing any form of ID or verification is now being viewed as discriminatory. 

Users online were quick to point out the hypocrisy in Biden’s statement. “For the record, Biden and the Democrats don’t want you to show any proof of identification to vote at the same time they are advocating that people show proof of vaccination to eat and drink in restaurants or bars…”

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Another user wrote, “How is that even constitutional? They seem to think anything they say then corrupt politicians “pass” is law. Even the Supreme Court should be ignored when they ignore the constitution.”

And following tradition, it wouldn’t be a true Biden speech if he didn’t fumble his words and embellish the past a little. Well, in the video below, President Biden might have embellished a lot as he recounted protesting for Civil Rights and even being arrested. While Biden has told this story numerous times, it has been refuted and debunked. Still, even his handlers can’t keep him from telling it. 

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