BROWNSVILLE, TX – Given the constant news circulating around COVID-19, there hasn’t been much reporting on the Southern border disaster by the mainstream media. In recent weeks, the media has somewhat turned on the Biden administration as they once filmed him eating ice cream and wearing aviators. But now the press hounds him about Russia, inflation, and COVID-19. And recently, Fox News caught video of illegal immigrants, mostly adult males, being processed through tarps with “Border Patrol drop-off” on them before they were sent to the nearby Harlingen Airport. 

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While the video above clearly showed immigrants being shuttled to the airport after processing, it appeared that President Biden had more pressing matters to attend to as he was spotted shopping at a local small business in Washington D.C. Among the many items offered at the business, Biden seemed to grab a coffee mug that had Vice President Kamala Harris’s face on it. This is interesting given the rumors a few months ago that the pair were at odds. 

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With the bombshell video exposing illegal immigrants being transported secretly and the tensions between Russia and Ukraine intensifying, reporters asked the White House Press Secretary why the President would take a day off. 

Psaki, appearing to have no reasonable explanation, tried to spin a narrative that Biden did some sort of work by having his President Daily Briefing (PDB) before adding they had a number of internal meetings to handle. 

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Not elaborating on the alleged internal meetings, Biden was spotted enjoying one of his favorite activities, eating ice cream. 

As for the people who voted for Biden, one pleaded with him to get focused. “I am a Democrat who voted for you, sir, and I have to say that you have a lot more pressing issues that you should be dealing with, and this is a bad look. Please, regroup and get focused again.” 

Another user wrote, “They should take him to the BP station at 9th & Penn, so he can fill up The Beast with his own credit card. Of course, someone would have to show him how to operate the pump, since he hasn’t driven himself or operated a pump in decades.”

And one added, “Just what you’d expect from the leader of the United States during a “pandemic”, declining economy and the hint of another war looming on the horizon. Yep, just another day for Uncle Joe. Move along, nothing to see here…..”

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