Back in July of 2021, former President Donald Trump found himself at the center of a major legal battle at the New York Supreme Court when he teamed up with Logan Cook, who is not only a conservative but also a talented meme maker. Having used his time in the White House to expose the mainstream media as being nothing more than silencers of the truth and promoters of propaganda, Trump used the talents of Cook, who goes by the username Carpe Donktum, to show just how fake the media was. While the lawsuit, like many others, was eventually thrown out, it appears the Carpe Donktum isn’t done when it comes to his talents and the Biden administration. 

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Although Cook and Trump were able to beat the lawsuit, the creator would ultimately be punished when Twitter handed down judgment of their own by banning him due to copyright violations. The permanent ban came after the video went viral with the caption, “Terrified toddler runs from racist baby.” The video showed two children running from each other before revealing they hugged just seconds before. The clip ended with, “America is not the problem. Fake news is the problem.” 

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But even with big tech trying to silence him, Carpe Donktum is back with a brand new video that can be watched above, and this time – it’s all about President Joe Biden. While Biden’s first year had numerous hurdles and disasters, Cook’s new video reminded Americans this is just year one of four. 

As for what user thought, one wrote, “This is so good, I wish every single candidate on our side would run it.” 

Another added, “Now THIS is powerful stuff. Really miss seeing Carpe’s stuff, but this was worth the wait.” 

One user noted, “Biden is not cool enough to play that character in the video. Should have made him a zombie with a walker LOL.”

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