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Bioweapons & Killing Fields: U.S. Government Leads World in Calculated Genocide

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When the Stew Peters Show interviewed Dr. Sherri Tenpenny last summer it was one of our most-viewed segments ever.

The “Voice of Reason” on vaccines and current events was back on with Stew Peters Thursday to pillory the shot goblins dishing out medical killery on pureblood patients, creating a new American ‘killing fields.’

Stew asked Dr. Tenpenny to address the shocking info shared during Senator Ron Johnson’s Covid vaccine damage panel, including the whistleblower reports from Attorney Thomas Renz claiming a 300% increase in military miscarriages, a 300% rise in cancer, a 1000% increase in neurological ailments.

“The U.S. government and the protocol from the NIH is leading a global genocide,” Stew told Dr, Tenpenny.

“Its more than a genocide,” Dr. Tenpenny said “I’ve actually been calling it a democide, because a genocide isn’t actually targeting a specific group of people, like blacks, or Jews, or Americans Indians.”

Democide is defined as the mass killing of unarmed people by the government or people that are in control, explained as a necessary eradication to protect against future threats.

“It’s everybody, it’s from unborn children that are happening from the miscarriages in pregnant woman, its children, starting with age 5 and up,” Dr. Tenpenny told Stew. “It’s everybody all the way up to senior citizens, we’re seeing people die in droves, it’s democide.”

“It’s happening in the hospitals, American hospitals have become the killing fields,” Stew told Dr. Tenpenny, rightly making a comparison to the massacre of at least a million men, women, and children in Cambodia between 1975 and 1979.”

Dr. Tenpenny has been attacked for challenging the untested and failed protocols that have been put into practice by doctors who worship Anthony Fauci. In Ohio, her enemies came after her medical license and slandered her reputation. But this has not scared her off, and she advises that all caregivers grow a spine and stare down the authorities who are recommending treatment strategies that are killing people, including Remdesivir.

“I’m doing it in the best interests of my patients and of this country and people who do not want to vaccinate because they do not want their body, their genes, and their souls contaminated with this bioweapon,” Dr. Tenpenny told Stew.

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