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Today on the Stew Peters Show, Dr. Ariyanna Love of Finland drops bombshells.

Just by studying medical patients and their afflictions she can analyze the most demented of minds. She joined Stew to discuss just exactly what she found out and it was a heavy load- she claims to have found the root of all chronic illnesses. These illnesses supposedly are due to infected microplasms administered through vaccination, not just Covid “vaccines”, ALL vaccines.

These infected microplasmas go on to wreak all sorts of havoc on the human body, supposedly causing diseases such as AIDS, Autism, and Marberg, just to name a few. Lucky for us though, Dr. Ariyanna Love also explains how we, as people, can solve this problem should we ever be vaccinated through either force or ignorance. While Dr. Love is a supporter of natural remedies for the body, she discussed the importance of taking Ivermectin as a means to kill and expunge any microorganisms or infected bioplasmas that enter your bloodstream. Why is Big Pharma pushing this, though? Dr. Love also believes to have the answer for that as well, it involves a man that you are likely least expecting to be involved with bioweapon terrorism- Jeffery Epstein.

That’s right, Dr. Ariyanna Love said that she has spoken with an anonymous attorney-in-exile in Finland, this attorney is being hunted for having this information, but regardless, the attorney speaks that he has proof of that fact that Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were Israeli spies. If that does not make much sense to you now, then keep reading. Dr. Love details the hidden Israeli agenda of “Greater Israel”, the state plan for Israel to conquer and control surrounding Arabic lands that was supposedly promised to Israel for unknown reasons. Failure to achieve this goal, the doctor discussed, will result in an event called the “Samson” option, a last-ditch “screw you” to the world where Israel will launch their nuclear weapons as far and as wide as they possibly can in an effort to trigger a world-ending nuclear war. Named for the biblical tale of Samson bringing down the temple on top of him.

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Although the Samson option supposedly is still an option, its means have changed according to Doctor Love. In the wake of the possible artificial covid pandemic, Israel and their accomplices are enacting the Samson option through bioweapon shots as a means to introduce infected bioplasma to cull the population, according to Dr. Love. Going further, Dr. Love describes how Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were important to this objective as a method to collect blackmail on politicians violating children and committing various other vile acts so that the Israeli state may silence said politicians if they choose to go against this agenda.

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