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Canadian Freedom Convoy Organizer Posts A Must See Message: The World Is Watching, Hold The Line [VIDEOS]

Make no mistake about it, the government overreach surrounding COVID-19 isn’t just an American issue as many governments around the world try to strip the freedoms away from citizens. Just recently, truckers in Canada have taken over headlines as a massive convoy is currently on its way to Ottawa to protest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the COVID-19 mandates trying to be enforced. While Trudeau addressed the situation in a recent statement, claiming they are only a “small group of misguided individuals,” according to a tweet from the Toronto Sun, the Freedom Truckers could form the world’s largest convoy. 

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Since the convoy was announced, not only have thousands of Canadians come out to support the truckers, but a GoFundMe page was created for the movement and, by Wednesday morning, it had already surpassed $5 million. But remember, Trudeau was adamant that this was just a small group of people.

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While the Canadian government is definitely stressing, one of the organizers behind the Freedom Truckers convoy decided to upload a message that can be seen above. The woman, holding back her emotions, expressed the gratitude and hope she felt as people not just in Canada but all around the world continue to stand up for the medical freedoms of every individual. 

As for Trudeau, he might be downplaying the size and scope of the protest, as it isn’t just adults standing up for their freedoms. Another video, featured below, is a compilation of children calling a hotline set up for the Freedom Truckers. The children thanked the drivers for protecting their freedoms and futures while explaining the joys of being able to be a kid again. 

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