In a move that was done without warning or explanation, iHeartRadio recently removed all traces and episodes of “The Stew Peters Show” from their platform, depriving the thousands of individuals who flock to the platform regularly to episodes of the show.

This apparent cancelling comes months after the platform Spotify did the exact same thing last fall, simply removing “The Stew Peters Show” without warning or reason provided.

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Stew Peters is certainly an interesting person – steadfast in his convictions that at times (or frequently, rather) manages to rub those left-of-center the wrong way. In fact, when it comes to the left-leaning media, they have what some might call a metaphorical hard-on for Peters when considering the hit pieces he’s been subjected to.

Yet, when it comes to an individual who ejects themselves into the public sphere and is unabashed in their opinions on matters, hit pieces courtesy of opposition media outlets is simply part of the overall package.

But when it comes to the political left in instances where they find a new shiny object to be outraged over, simply ignoring the vector or even leaving it at scathing remarks regarding the source of their disdain and moving on just isn’t enough – they (as a collective) want to do all they can to inflict harm.

Thus, a favorite tool in the left’s nefarious bag of tricks is the cancelling of someone – a cohesive effort to effectively unperson someone they disagree with and have them removed from the digital public square.

When “The Stew Peters Show” was removed from Spotify last fall, the only reasonable conclusion was that Peters became the victim of a cancellation effort – as Spotify never afforded any reason for the removal of the show.

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And it appears that iHeartRadio pulled the same stunt in late January, as well.

Red Voice Media reached out to iHeartRadio for comment, but the organization did not respond.

However, while Peters has managed to attract the periodic media hit piece over the past year or so, there was an uptick in Twitter-based outrage over some of Peters’ show segments that occurred in late-January – right around the time he was mysteriously removed from iHeartRadio.

One such Twitter personality to stoke the outrage is a blue-checkmark toting individual named Jared Holt, who is a resident fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab. He proclaims to research “domestic extremism” online.

A January 27th pinned post to Holt’s Twitter account proclaims that he “took a hard look at far-right podcaster Stew Peters, who has been encouraging his fans to harass hospitals and healthcare workers. And to some extent, it seems some of them are listening.”

One commenter in response to Holt’s post wrote that “a bomb threat was called into the hospital my wife works at while she was at work.” The commenter proclaimed this incident was caused by Peters’ content.

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Of course, this is only speculative as being the tinder that caused the iHeartRadio deplatforming – as the organization again did not point to a specific incident or episode being the cause for removal.

Red Voice Media had an opportunity to catch up with Peters to get his take on the situation and boy did he have some strong feelings with regard to this deplatforming.

“iHeartRadio and Spotify have now shown the world, without shame, that they are the propaganda arm of the communist, globalist genocidal machine, hellbent on the destruction of freedom, Christianity and truth,” he said.

“Removing ‘The Stew Peters Show’ is a slap in the face of liberty-loving people around the globe, and a disgusting, shameful display of cowardice.

“I highly doubt iHeartRadio and Spotify will be removing the propagandist lies and paid advertising from big pharmaceutical companies responsible for the real deaths of millions of people, which is indisputable proof that iHeartRadio and Spotify are willing to accept blood money in exchange for the killing of your fellow global citizens, neighbors, friends, loved ones and family.

“It’s a total disgrace.”

Peters didn’t stop there either, highlighting how these big tech platforms are more than welcoming when it comes to hosting the sort of degeneracy-laced content that so many are pushing to normalize today.

“I have no doubt that if I was a sick transgender freak show with content encouraging the sexualization of kids,” Peters said, “iHeart and Spotify would use their fake optimization to propel the show to their platforms’ highest rated programming.”

While folks may not be able to keep up with Peters on iHeartRadio or Spotify these days, he can still be followed on Gab under the username @RealStewPeters as well as, where new episodes of “The Stew Peters Show” can be watched.

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