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CDC Whistleblower NUKES! Plus, Plans to ARREST the UnVaxxed, Elderly Discarded for “Health”

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Today on the Stew Peters Show, Dr. Jane Ruby shares shocking new information about secret CDC VAERS data, which appears to show that American women are being targeted by contaminated vaccine batches.

Tyrants in Washington State were pushed back after attempting to amend the law to legalize forced detention of unvaccinated residents, thanks to viral opposition by Pastor Dennis Cummins. He joins Stew to warn that it’s not just the depopulation-obsessed globalists that the Body of Christ needs to worry about, but the ‘woke Christians’ who are helping the enemy win.

Local Hawaiians are fighting back against this new world order. Levana Lomma founded ForOurRights.org [3], and joins Stew to unmask the hula dancing enemies in her community and empower those seeking to stand up against freedom sucking vampires on the islands.

Too many elderly have been abandoned by their families during the pandemic, and among them is Fran Austin, a Christian woman being held against her will by the State of California. Nurse Michael Jackson has become her advocate and shares the details of the medical abduction.

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