DENVER, CO – Last Friday, the Tri-County Health Department decided to sponsor what they called a “COVID-19 vaccine clinic” at the local Heritage High School. Although many parents had been outspoken against the clinic being placed in the high school and the idea that some children could get the jab without parental consent, Littleton Public School Superintendent Brian Ewert promised them nothing would happen. He stated, “students under the age of 18 cannot get a vaccination without parental permission and they must have a parent or legal guardian present with them to sign consent.” But not even a week later it appears underage kids were able to get the jab without consent or even an ID. 

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In the videos, which are featured below, not one, but two students, on two different occasions, went to the clinic to try and get the jab without parental consent, having an I.D., or even using their real name. Both students, one who is 15 and the other 16, were able to persuade the staff to let them get the jab although they showed up alone. 

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It should be noted that the one student was able to slip by the vetting process simply by stating they were 18. No I.D., no parental consent, just a verbal confirmation. The other student did have to provide a consent form, which they had faked. The students ultimately backed out of the jab clinic just minutes before the drug was administered. 

The father to one of the students wrote Ewert an email stating, “Superintendent Ewert is wrong, and is now on notice of that. The two teenage children had no parents present and no parental consent. They did not use their real names or real personal information. No identification was required. Their parents were not asked whether they had any pre-existing conditions that could cause an adverse effect. The minor children with no parents present, and no identifications to confirm their age were readily offered the shots and encouraged to get them.”

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