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Confirmed: Doctors Intentionally Killing Unvaxxed, Deadly Formula Repeatedly Used

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On December 9th, 4:00 a.m., Rita Kroon lost her husband Burt Kroon in Mercy Hospital, Coon Rapids. Burt was admitted to Mercy on November 26th, with both Rita and Burt testing positive for SARS-Cov-2, and with neither of them being vaccinated.

Rita Kroon joined the Stew Peters Show on Monday to share another harrowing story of neglect from the same hospital which almost successfully killed Scott Quiner.

Rita told Stew Peters that through the course of 10 days, Burt had lost 15 pounds due to the attending nurses withholding all fluids from him; he quickly became malnourished. Kroon’s family was only allowed to visit him once, five days before his passing, and once again after he had already passed.

The nurses and staff were illusive regarding Burt’s treatment until Rita demanded a meeting with the primary doctor, the charge nurse, and Social Services. The meeting took place on December 6th, in which Dr. Ephraim Ghide told Rita, “Your husband is going to die.”

The Pulmonologist on Burt’s case stated that he would not survive without a ventilator and that no treatment could improve his condition. Burt was placed on steroids and high-flow heated oxygen, water pills, and a mask.

Even after being told her husband was approaching death, she could not visit him. Rita had insisted that Burt be taken home and put on hospice so that she could care for him, the hospital insisting that Burt “won’t make it out the door.”

After the Mercy Hospital staff refused hospice, Rita began begging those attending the December 6th meeting that Burt would receive the proper treatment that would encourage recovery.

When they had refused her recommendations, Rita asked if Burt be given Vitamin C and D3 as a last resort. Again, the attending staff refused, stating, “No. That is not hospital protocol.” In the following days of Burt’s drastic decline, Rita received calls from the attending nurses reporting that Burt was immensely depressed.

Even then, Rita was not permitted to see Burt, who was in comfort care. December 9th, at 4:00 a.m., Rita answered the dreaded call; Burt’s heart and breathing had stopped. Rita told the hospital to continue with CPR until she had arrived at the hospital; however, Burt only had a few minutes left. Rita was only able to see her dearest friend and partner after he had passed.

Upon first sight of Burt, it was obvious to Rita that he had been neglected, as he was unclean and was showing obvious signs of malnourishment.

“That’s health care at Mercy Hospital,” Stew Peters told Rita, as victims like Scott Quiner have to fight rather than make a recovery.

For the Kroon family, the fight was lost as the staff and nurses at Mercy Hospital prevented Burt’s recovery.

“These people are intentionally killing unvaccinated people,” Stew Peters told Rita.

Rita told Stew that she was “left out of the loop all the time on what they were doing.”

“People need to understand that this is happening and that these are not isolated incidents,” Stew Peters said Monday. “What the media is dishonestly not reporting is that this is happening to thousands of people, including Burt.”

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