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Courageous Student Blasts School Board For Increased Suicide, Treating Kids Like Livestock And Puppets [VIDEO]

The constant debate over COVID-19 isn’t just between the government and its citizens. Sadly, thanks to mandates promoted by the Democrats and Biden administration, children have been placed in the middle as masks continue to plague schools. But it isn’t just masks, as the hysteria that has been circulated surrounding COVID-19 by mainstream media and key officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci is spreading anxiety, fear, and depression through the youth of tomorrow. 

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In the video, featured below, a female high school student in Roanoke County, Virginia pleaded with her school board about the current mandate that required masks to be worn. On Monday, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin passed his own executive order [2] banning any school systems in the state from requiring its students to wear masks. Still, on Friday, the Roanoke County school board defied Youngkin by keeping the mask mandate until February. 

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Expressing what it was like to be a student during the pandemic, the teenager explained the anxiety the COVID-19 hysteria has created amongst her peers. The constant onslaught of different perspectives and narratives being thrown at them has led to the next generation already becoming mental drained as the girl claimed the suicide rate amongst teens was through he roof. It should be noted that in June of 2021, a study [4] was released by the government showing teen suicide attempts had climbed by almost 50%. 

Standing strong and firm, the teenager held back tears and emotions as she again pleaded for the COVID-19 madness to stop. For those who wish to take action, the Roanoke County Public School contact information can be found below.  

https://www.rcps.us/domain/155 [5] 

Board Chairman, David Linden: [email protected] Superintendent, 

Ken Nicely: [email protected] 

RCPS number: 540-562-3900 


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