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Craziness In Canada: Unjabbed Will Now Need Babysitters To Participate In Certain Arts Of Society [VIDEO]

QUEBEC, CA – In the latest chapter of mandates and measures to curtail the spread of COVID in Canada, a new COVID jab passport type policy is rolling out in Quebec that will see the unjabbed having to be accompanied by store employees [1] in outlets like Wal-Mart and Costco to ensure that they’re only shopping for pharmaceutical items [2] at these stores.

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This new COVID jab requirement in Quebec was unveiled on January 24th. The requirement states that any retail establishment with a surface area over 1,500 meters or more – with the exception of grocery stores or dedicated pharmacies – must check every patron’s government-issued ID along with their proof of COVID jab to enter.

No jab, then no entry – but with an additional exception for large retailers like Wal-Mart and Costco who may have a pharmacy section in their store. In cases where larger retail outlets have pharmacy sections, the unjabbed patrons would have to be accompanied by store employees to ensure that they’re only getting items from the aforementioned department.

The reasoning behind the mandate in Quebec is hardly subtle – it’s an effort to put pressure on the unjabbed via discrimination so that individuals exercising their medical freedoms will feel compelled by the government to take the COVID shot, as Health Minister Christian Dubé openly said [4] this was the decree’s purpose.

While there are undoubtedly numerous residents in Quebec displeased with the mandates, also various retailers find the mandate creates unfair competition practices.

Patrick Delisle, who oversees marketing for Quebec hardware chain Canac, is among those business professionals who find the mandate to be over the top.

“There are several reasons we’re disappointed,” he said. “First of all, we would’ve liked to be treated as an essential service – we’ve been essential since the beginning of the pandemic.”

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Furthermore, Delisle is also irritated at the fact that retailers are now being forced into a position where they’re having to play the COVID jab police, saying they’re in the business of hardware sales and not individual’s medical statuses.

“We’re not going to ask someone who’s dealing with water damage if they’re vaccinated or not,” he continued. “It’s really frustrating to have to manage clients living situations like that…it’s not our job.”

Not only will this mandate impact who can and cannot come into shop in various retail outlets across the province, but there’s also now costs being imposed on these retailers who’ll have to set up dedicated employees to play the entryway nannies. In the case of hardware store chain Canac, this will cost an additional $100,000 per week in labor costs across their stores in Quebec.

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