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Criminals Rob Railway Cars Of Thousands Of Packages In L.A. [VIDEO]

LOS ANGELES, CA – While the Biden administration continues to struggle in D.C., several Democratic strongholds around the country have also fallen into despair thanks to people like California Governor Gavin Newsom. It is nothing new the Democrats have been struggling to contain COVID-19 since Joe Biden supposedly won the 2020 election.

But at the same time, their “defund the police” narrative clearly led to surges in crime. And while Democrats like Lori Lightfoot [1] have blamed the violence on COVID-19, the crimes continue as new video captured thousands of damaged packages left on the Los Angeles railway due to cargo looting. 

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The video, featured below, shows the aftermath of what criminals have been doing for some time now. Located in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood, the thieves target the train cars due to them slowing down as they come into the Union Pacific Intermodal Facility located in downtown Los Angeles. Using bolt cutters, the criminals are able to steal whatever they find valuable, leaving items like epi pens and COVID-19 tests behind. Most of the items stolen come from either Amazon or UPS. 

Releasing a statement, the railroad company wrote, “Union Pacific is very concerned about the increased cargo thefts in California, and we have taken several steps to address this criminal activity. These rail crimes pose a serious safety threat to the public, our employees and local law enforcement officers. We have increased the number of Union Pacific special agents on patrol, and we have utilized and explored additional technologies to help us combat this criminal activity. We also will continue to work with our local law enforcement partners and elected leaders.”

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