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Dancing ‘TikTok Nurse’ Goes Next Level, This Might Just Be The Most Insane One To Date [VIDEO]

For over two years, Americans have been constantly bombarded with COVID-19 hysteria from the Democrats and Biden administration. Without waiting for the science, the Biden administration moved ahead with lockdowns, mask mandates, and the COVID-19 so-called miracle drug. And between all the constant agendas, the liberal media pumped figures, data, and Dr. Anthony Fauci down the throats of Americans. Now, as the new Omicron variant is ramping up COVID-19 efforts once again, it appears for some, the COVID-19 hysteria has become too much. 

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During the open microphone portion of the Dallas, Texas city council, a man known as “Prime Time Stein” decided to use the short time he was given to not only spread awareness about COVID-19 but to do it through song and dance.

In the video above, the man is only given a short time to speak. And in that time, he displayed his singing and dancing abilities with a song that appeared to be self-written.

Still busting out the moves and masks, the man did his best to push the jab and importance of COVID-19. But through all his efforts, it appears that a bit of dancing was too much for him as he quickly became winded. 

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