Ahead of a massive protest scheduled to take place in D.C. this weekend over the COVID-19 jab mandate pushed by the Biden administration, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson spoke with the inventor of the mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone. Although Dr. Malone is both a doctor and scientist, he has been silenced and censored for speaking against a drug that has shown to have little benefits when it comes to stopping the COVID-19 virus. And seeing no difference in the forced mandates, Carlson compared the Biden administration to not only imperial Japan but also Nazi Germany. 

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In the video, which is featured below, Carlson detailed the events of the protest happening in D.C. this weekend before asking Dr. Malone, “I thought that we had a kind of consensus. I mean, after watching what the imperial Japanese army and the Nazis did in their medical experiments, I thought that American physicians agreed that compulsory medical care was unethical, it was immoral and it could never be imposed on anyone. When did we forget that?”

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Using Biden’s own words against him, Malone answered, “Apparently about a year ago, I think yesterday was when we must have forgotten that, although Mr. Biden prior to his election made clear statements that he wasn’t going to force vaccination.”

For those wondering, on December 4, 2020, Biden told the press, “No, I don’t think [vaccines] should be mandatory. I wouldn’t demand to be mandatory, but I would do everything in my power.”

Dr. Malone also thanked Carlson for bringing up the past, since it was being replayed today. “Thank you for bringing up the Nuremberg trials, Tucker. They are crucial biomedical ethics matter. And this is frankly illegal and I’m so glad that the courts are making it clear. It’s unfortunate that so many federal workers and so many members of our military had been forced to take these products while they’re still experimental, against their will.”

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