The Biden administration, especially Dr. Anthony Fauci, continues to use the COVID-19 virus to promote some of the most outlandish mandates and protocols. While the Democrats claim the lockdowns, masks, and jabs are all in the name of public health, Dr. Scott Atlas is speaking out against the absurdity of the Biden administration and government as a whole. Not only that, but Dr. Atlas recently broke down the lockdown that didn’t stop COVID-19 from spreading and the effects we are still seeing from that today. 

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In the video featured below, Dr. Atlas ripped into the government for hurling America into a series of lockdowns that did nothing but negatively impact the country. And as mentioned above, COVID-19 is not just still around, but now there are several variants as well. Still, having served as a Special Advisor to the President and a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Dr. Atlas has seen firsthand the results of the lockdowns that were meant to save people. And as the doctor revealed, instead of saving, it killed people. 

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According to Dr. Atlas, the lockdowns led to:

  • 400,000 new deaths from Tuberculosis because of the diversion of resources.
  • Tens of millions more babies dying of malaria because lockdowns affect supply chains.
  • Half of the 650,000 Americans who have cancer skipped their chemotherapy during Spring 2020.
  • About half of heart attack and stroke patients did not call an ambulance because they were afraid to go into a medical facility.
  • About two-thirds to three-fourths of cancer screenings were not done.
  • 85% of living organ transplants were not done.

While startling, just a small sample of what the doctor said. He added that the lockdowns failed to protect the elderly from COVID-19 and even pushed 130 million people into poverty. 

Sadly, it wasn’t only adults who suffered, as Dr. Atlas noted: 

  • 300,000 cases of child abuse went unreported in Spring 2020 because of school shutdowns.
  • Severe child abuse emergency room cases went up 35%.
  • 1 out of 4 American college-age kids now have suicidal thoughts.
  • 300% increase for American teenage incidents of self-harm.
  • 200% to 300% increase for young people with anxiety and depression.
  • 52% of American college-age kids gained an unwanted 28 pounds in 2020.

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