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EXCLUSIVE: Scott Quiner’s Texas Doctor, Voting Machines GONE, War With Putin and MORE!

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Monday on the Stew Peters show, Kash Patel joined Stew Peters today to discuss the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, he calls out Putin’s bluff and the Deep State’s bloodlust.

“China and Russia are our enemies, there’s no two ways about it,” Kash Patel told Stew Peters. “They are taking target practice at dummy ships, be it China in the South China Sea, with American logos, or be it President Putin threatening an invasion in the Ukraine … they are able to do all this because of the tremendous weakening in U.S. national security posture since the Biden administration has taken power.”

Stew Peters was also joined by Texas doctor Dr. Joseph Varon, who cared for Scott Quiner in his final days, to discuss the holocaust-like deathcare treatment he endured, neglect from his previous stay at Mercy Hospital in Minnesota and ultimately his unfortunate death.

“If you read a headline online, it will probably tell you that Scott Quiner died from COVID – 19; that is an out-and-out lie, perpetuated by a dishonest media,” Stew Peters said Monday. “They refused to even give him the most basic of fluids and nutrients – he lost nearly thirty pounds while in their ‘care’.”

Stew also shared a terrifying story from Shamgar Connors, a 42-year-old father of two in Stafford, Virginia. Shamgar sadly suffers from stage five kidney failure. He has to spend every night on 12 hours of dialysis, or he’ll die. Shamgar is obviously a leading candidate for a kidney transplant, which could allow him to live a longer and more normal life again, but has been refused this life saving action because he’s declined to roll the dice with own life, by taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Let’s be real, the sick people who run this country prefer giving transplants to criminals and depraved people,” Stew Peters said Monday. “And that’s the same reason they get off on denying transplants to people like Shamgar.”

Last, but certainly not least, MyPillow founder Mike Lindell joined Stew to discuss the ongoing removal of the fraudulent dominion voting machines used in part to steal the 2020 election victory from President Donald Trump.

“If we have [Dominion] machines next fall, it’s over everybody! …do you think they are gonna cheat lighter? If a Republican gets in, why did they get in? It’s because they wanted them in,” Lindell told Stew in a blazing monolog. “It really is true though, if we cannot deal with these fraudulent voting machines now, then there will never be another fair election in the United States again.”

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