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Exposed: Dark History Of Fauci And Truth About Ivermectin As Early Treatment For COVID19 – Ron Johnson

Although COVID-19 continues to spread around the United States and the world, the Biden administration is adamant that the best way to fight the virus is through the drug made by Pfizer and Moderna. Joe Biden was so sure about the COVID-19 jab that he even tried to mandate it on America’s workforce. But while governments all around the tried to convince citizens to get the jab, science is showing the drug doesn’t stop COVID-19 from being contracted, nor does it stop one from spreading it. When it comes to the coronavirus, their “miracle drug” appears to have little benefits, but again, it is still being pushed by the Biden administration and numerous other governments.

GOP Senator Ron Johnson wanted to know why.

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In the video, which is featured below, the Senator from Wisconsin didn’t spend his time bashing the Biden administration or hurling baseless claims. Instead, Johnson dissected the entire pandemic and how the Democrats responded. The Senator tried to even humble the government by stating there is still a great deal about COVID-19 that is unknown. But instead of waiting, researching, and allowing science to take control, Johnson pointed out how the Biden administration decided to fight the virus with mandates and lockdowns. 

Using fear, censorship, and mandates, the Democrats have allowed Big Pharma to make billions, Big Tech to control speech, and the media to become the voice of America. And while they continue to discredit any alternative form of COVID-19 treatment like Ivermectin, Sen. Johnson also exposed some truth about the early treatments.  

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