Before the honorable FBI transformed its agenda to attacking conservatives, vilifying Capitol Hill protestors, and appeasing the Biden administration, it was considered a staple to work for the bureau of investigation. But that time has long passed due to the FBI becoming the centerpiece of the war on conservatives in America. The FBI had so many agents entangled in the kidnapping attempt of Michigan Governor Gretchen Witmer that the case appears to make the bureau look like the ones that set it all up. But even though their reputation has taken a dip in the past couple of months, it appears the FBI is looking for fresh, new talent to join their ranks. 

Wanting to celebrate the new year with a fresh start, the FBI decided to tweet out a call for recruits. They tweeted, “In 2022, add “protecting the nation” to your resume. See what exciting careers the #FBI has to offer and apply today at”

With the knowledge that the FBI might be behind some of the attacks on the freedoms Americans hold close, users were quick to give their honest review of the agency. “Add “entrapping right-wingers” to your resume and join the FBI. You’ll get to wear matching outfits, coordinate fake insurrections, and set up phony kidnapping plots with meth addicts.”


One user mocked the FBI, writing, “Any luck finding out who organized and funded street riots in every major American city last year or are you still “protecting the nation” from some shirtless lunatic wearing horns taking selfies in the Capitol?”

Another user commented on some of the classes the FBI offers.” Your first three classes” Plot to kidnap a governor, lie to obtain FISA warrants, spy on the president…”

And adding his voice to the conversation, @GrandOldMemes shared the following picture. 

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And for good measure, here are a bunch of other comments to drive home the point…

“Do you have to know how to lose evidence or do you provide training?”

“Learn how to investigate garage pull ropes 101.”

“Yes, come learn how to lose and misplace evidence to help crooked democrats.”

“What week in training does the plan and execute false flags class begin? “

“Like stoking a Capitol riot, fun stuff.”

“The comments. Pure gold. The FBI is now a laughing stock.”

“Hey, what’s up with the Vegas shooter????”

“Protecting the nation” has not been their objective for a very long time, if ever.”

“Who protects the nation from the FBI?”

“I’m going to join just to find the evidence you’re hiding.”

“Protecting the nation”? You mean “protecting school boards from loud voices” and “cosplaying what you think it means to be right-wing.” No thanks”

“I find spying on PTA parents kind of boring, so I think I’ll pass.”

“How many grannies are you going to entrap this year?”

“Do you have to be a Democrat to apply? Asking for a friend.”

“Catch the “pipe bomber” yet??”

“Will I get to try and kidnap any governors?”

“Hmm…where do we insert Ray Epps this time?”

“Are you good at instigating crimes then “solving” them? The FBI may be a good fit for you!”

“Did you find that guy that planted the pipe bombs on Jan 6? I hope you do. He must have been on dozens of surveillance cameras, right?”

“I’ve reviewed the comments here. It appears you have a bit of an image problem.”

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