FLORIDA – The Democrats might control Washington, D.C. and several key states around the country, but there is one state that has made it abundantly clear, since the moment COVID-19 was announced, that the Biden administration’s government overreach wasn’t welcome. And that state was none other than Florida, which is currently led by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. Although the Democrats have pushed lockdowns, mask mandates, and COVID-19 jabs, Gov. DeSantis remained steadfast on letting the science guide him, unlike the Biden administration, who have relied on Dr. Anthony Fauci. 

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Even before Joe Biden would stumble into the White House, Dr. Fauci had already positioned himself at the forefront of COVID-19. He took any and every TV interview thrown at him as he hurled protocols and tips to help keep people safe. The only problem, the more he talked, the more COVID-19 continued to spread. And when his words didn’t match the science, Dr. Fauci simply changed the narrative. Given the name “Flip Flop” by former President Donald Trump, Gov. DeSantis decided to use “Flip Flop” Fauci to help him get reelected by selling… Flip Flops. 

That’s right: in the video, featured above, the governor has decided to start selling flip flops that not only have his name on them and say “Freedom Over Fauci,” but on the bottom, they advise the famed doctor to go pound sand. 

The flips flops are just the latest merchandise that can be bought on the Governor’s site alongside a “Lockdown Libs Tour” T-shirt and “Freedom Lives Here” doormat. 

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