Retired BBC producer, Victor Melleney, was caught with 832 images of child pornography stored on a variety of devices, and he claims that he has no idea how the images got onto the devices. Police found the images at Melleney’s West London home back in December 2018, along with illegal stun guns. Melleney did admit to possession of prohibited weapons for discharge of noxious gas, namely three Tasers and CS gas spray. He also admitted to having an addiction to legal pornography.

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In December, a jury found Melleney guilty of possession of indecent photos of children and was found not guilty on three other charges brought against him. He was acquitted of intentionally downloading the child sex abuse images. At an earlier hearing, he was convicted of the gun charges offenses.

The judge sentenced Melleney to 20 months in prison, but the sentence was suspended due to Melleney’s poor health and a recent heart attack. Instead, he was mandated to go to a rehabilitation activity requirement for 40 days and be on the sex offenders list for ten years.

The judge also mentioned that Covid19 went into consideration of suspending Melleney’s sentence and said that the prison environment could be, “particularly challenging” for Melleney given his age and health.

“I bear in mind there has been a considerable impact on your friends and family,” the judge said. “You will have to live with the disgrace and ignominy that you have brought on yourself. You are 76-years-old, of poor health due to a heart condition. You had a heart attack and were intensive care for a period. A prison sentence would be particularly challenging. I must bear in mind the Covid-19 pandemic and the prison conditions of what would be a relatively short custodial term.”

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