Last week, political commentator and podcast host Tim Pool hosted both GETTR CEO Jason Miller and Gab CEO Andrew Torba on back-to-back episodes, offering viewers one of the most robust comparisons of both social media platforms and how each platform embraces free speech.

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In the video montage featured below, the contrasts between Gab and GETTR shine most when it pertains to free speech. Both platforms have boasted as being one of the core reasons to join their social media sites.

However, when Pool asked Andrew Torba of Gab if they’re “the only social media platform that uses the First Amendment as it’s rulebook,” Torba confidently answered, “Yup.”

“Yup. The only one,” he said. “We are the only free speech platform.”

Yet when it came to Jason Miller of GETTR, that was not the case, as he delved into the prohibiting of using racial, ethnic, and even religious epithets, and graphically violent content that depicts killings.

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Further along in the video, Torba explained why “Gab is inevitable” with respect to people eventually flocking to the site in search of a free speech platform, saying that their current competitors trying to promote the free speech route are “built on Silicon Valley infrastructure and trying to take on Silicon Valley.”

“You cannot take on Silicon Valley built on Silicon Valley infrastructure; it is a matter of time,” he said. “The second that GETTR or Truth Social or whoever it is gets big enough, they’re going to pull the rug out and their excuse could be whatever. It could be medical misinformation, election misinformation, it could be ‘protecting our democracy’, right? Take your pick. They can ban you for no reason because Bezos wakes up and decides ‘I don’t want to host Parler anymore.’ One click – goodbye. That’s what happened to Parler, that’s what happened to us and that’s why we built our own infrastructure.”

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