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General Electric Announces Suspension Of COVID Jab And Testing In Light Of SCOTUS Ruling

On January 14th, General Electric announced that they are suspending their COVID jab [1] and testing requirements following the recent decision handed down by the Supreme Court one day earlier regarding the attempted OSHA-enforced mandate.

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As noted in our previous reporting here at Red Voice Media [1], the Supreme Court blocked the Biden administration’s attempt to forcibly compel private companies with 100 or more employees to impose COVID jab and/or testing mandates on their employees, which the Biden administration aspired to accomplish by weaponizing OSHA.

General Electric, which has reportedly at least encouraged their approximately 174,000 employees to take the COVID jab, confirmed through a spokesperson [1] that they’re not going to be imposing any sort of mandate in light of the court’s recent decision.

The announcement from the large employer also comes after President Biden issued a statement essentially begging for private employers to become the de facto COVID police and impose his failed OSHA endeavor of their volition, a matter that Red Voice Media [1] just recently reported on.

Biden’s comments on the Supreme Court’s decision focused on him saying he’ll continue to use the influence of his office to push the jab mandate concept, saying the court ruling “does not stop me from using my voice as President to advocate for employers to do the right thing to protect Americans’ health and economy.”

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However, with a large company like General Electric stepping up to the proverbial plate and saying they’ll drop the COVID jab mandate, it’s practically a given that other large companies will be doing the same thing.

The magnitude of such an organization doing such cannot be understated, considering that the decision comes after Biden delivered his message urging private employers to adopt what some have described as the draconian [4] mandate that has ultimately failed.

With the power of COVID jab and testing mandates being placed back into the hands of employers and state officials, depending on what directions various states and companies take with this reinvested power is likely to shape an amalgamation of things from consumer decisions to where individuals decide to work.

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