WASHINGTON, DC – President Joe Biden is looking desperate after suffering a humiliating court loss regarding the OSHA-enforced COVID jab mandate, with the president reportedly pleading with private businesses and states to institute their own jab mandates after the Supreme Court upheld a stay against the OSHA mandate.

As we previously reported on January 13th here at Red Voice Media, the Supreme Court decided to err on the side of the plaintiffs regarding the legal challenges brought against Biden’s COVID jab/testing mandate.

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The court found that the mandate, which compelled companies who have 100 or more employees to either ensure their employees have the COVID jab or make them test for the virus weekly on their own dime, seemed to stretch far beyond what OSHA “was built for.”

In a statement following the Supreme Court’s ruling on the matter, Biden noted that now any efforts to compel COVID jabs or testing will be in the hands of “States and individual employers.”

“As a result of the Court’s decision, it is now up to States and individual employers to determine whether to make their workplaces as safe as possible for employees and whether their businesses will be safe for consumers during this pandemic by requiring employees to take the simple and effective step of getting vaccinated.”

The president claimed that despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, he’ll continue to put pressure on private businesses to promote the COVID jab by way of the influence the office of the president carries, saying that the court’s ruling “does not stop me from using my voice as President to advocate for employers to do the right thing to protect Americans’ health and economy.”

Biden was essentially reduced to groveling with making his vision of jab mandates come true, pleading with employers to “institute vaccination requirements.”

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“I call on business leaders to immediately join those who have already stepped up – including one-third of Fortune 100 companies – and institute vaccination requirements to protect their workers, customers, and communities.”

Not missing a beat to denigrate the highest court in his statement, Biden said that he was “disappointed that the Supreme Court has chosen to block common-sense life-saving requirements” while continuing to allege that the OSHA mandate he’d dreamt up was “grounded squarely in both science and the law.”

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh also threw shade at the Supreme Court’s decision, sharing a similar sense of disappointment that Biden mentioned, adding that “OSHA will be evaluating all options to ensure workers are protected from this deadly virus.”

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Red Voice Media would like to make a point of clarification on why we do not refer to any shot related to COVID-19 as a "vaccine." According to the CDC, the definition of a vaccine necessitates that said vaccine have a lasting effect of at least one year in preventing the contraction of the virus or disease it's intended to fight. Because all of the COVID-19 shots thus far available have barely offered six months of protection, and even then not absolute, Red Voice Media has made the decision hereafter to no longer refer to the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson substances as vaccinations.