LOS ANGELES, CA – In one of the most emblematic displays of modern political correctness – a.k.a., wokeness – Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom made a candid observation in noting that Los Angeles is looking like “a third-world country” due to “organized gangs,” only to apologize moments later for using the term “gangs.”

On January 20th, Governor Newsom stopped by the Union Pacific railroad to give a hand in the cleanup efforts following an outbreak of railcar cargo thefts that transpired earlier in the month. Politico contributor Jeremy B. White noted that during his appearance on the site, Governor Newsom bemoaned how the area looked following the massive thefts.

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“I’m asking myself, what the hell is going on?” he said. “We look like a third-world country.”

Video was captured while Governor Newsom spoke to the crowd, saying that the cargo thefts impacting the area were a result of “organized theft” being committed by “gangs of people” and immediately apologized for using the word “gangs.”

“This is not one-off. This is organized theft,” he continued. These are organized gangs of people that are coming out, and forgive me for saying gangs, that’s not a pejorative – they’re organized groups of folks.”

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On the same day of Governor Newsom’s visit to the Union Pacific railroad, his office released a statement regarding a “Multi-agency effort to assist Union Pacific in cleanup” as well as a plan “to fight retail and rail theft.”

“At Governor Newsom’s direction, Caltrans crews will assist Union Pacific in their efforts over the next few days to clean up the impacted area. Additionally, the California Highway Patrol will continue its efforts to coordinate with local law enforcement to help prevent theft on railways in Los Angeles.”

The press release also went into detail about Governor Newsom’s “Real Public Safety Plan” that was announced in December of 2021, highlighting how the plan “includes $255 million in grants for local law enforcement to increase presence at retail locations and combat organized retail crime, along with $18 million to create a dedicated state team of special investigators and prosecutors in the Attorney General’s Office to prosecute cross-jurisdictional theft-related crimes.”

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