It seems like just about every day, we see another frontline healthcare worker speaking out against the official COVID narratives of Big Pharma, Big Media, and Big Tech.

This time, a nurse practitioner, Roman Carpenter, out of Port Arthur, Texas, claims to have just seen over 200 patients in 3 days.

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“Just did three straight days. Urgent Care. Saw over 200 patients, tons of people diagnosed with COVID. Some vaccinated, some are not vaccinated. Nobody is being told that there is a treatment for COVID that there’s a prevention and treatment for COVID. Vitamin D3, very important, 2000 to 5000 international units a day, vitamin C 1000 milligrams a day, zinc 150 milligrams a day. Vitamin A, 10,000 international units a day, quercetin is an enzyme. Get it. Ivermectin, if you’re sick or high risk, you should be taking Ivermectin 18 milligrams a day once a week for prevention. Twenty-four milligrams a day for five days if you’re sick, high risk, or have COVID. There is no reason for people to be sick and dying of COVID. Frontline doctors, tons of evidence. The doctor that treated President Trump, the president or the whoever the guy is from Israel, head leader of Israel, is telling you quercetin, vitamin d3, zinc, vitamin C, hydroxychloroquine, or Ivermectin. I prefer Ivermectin. Tell your friends. Get on the supplements. There was 800 people given prophylactic Ivermectin. Eight hundred people in a randomized controlled study. Not, and they were all healthcare workers, not one single patient – person. Not one single healthcare worker got COVID. Not one. Of the group that didn’t take Ivermectin, 57% got COVID. COVID is serious. The variant is serious. But there is a cure. There’s treatment. There’s prevention. Get on it.” – Roman Jules Carpenter

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