According to various reports circulating online, the chart-topping rapper Drake is alleged to have utilized a rather unique method to prevent fans and groupies from stealing his sperm after doing the proverbial deed by putting hot sauce inside of his used condoms.

And apparently, a woman who’d learned of this practice allegedly learned the hard way by trying to do the very thing this alleged practice was meant to deter – via her trying to insert the expelled condom inside of her. This woman is allegedly threatening to sue the rapper for her injuries.

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This report is likely going to bring a whole new meaning to the Frank’s Red Hot slogan of “I put that sh*t on everything” – as likely no one could’ve envisioned hot sauce being placed inside of a used condom to deter sperm theft.

While the concept of sperm theft may seem odd, it’s a quite valid concern of affluent men who may at times frivolously court women, as they fear getting entrapped in a child support debacle.

In this purported hot sauce incident, a few weeks back, Drake had allegedly met up with some model on Instagram at a party, and the two ventured back to his hotel room. Reports note that Drake and this woman engaged in consensual sex, with the rap artist wearing a condom at the encounter.

Once the sex had wrapped up, Drake allegedly went into the bathroom to dispose of the condom he used.

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After that, the woman allegedly went into the same bathroom after Drake had finished up and fished the used condom from the garbage and allegedly stuffed the contents of the used condom inside of her genitals.

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The woman allegedly began to scream after feeling a burning sensation from what she’d put inside of her, which led to Drake reportedly rushing to the bathroom to see what was wrong. After learning of what occurred, Drake allegedly admitted to the woman that he intentionally poured hot sauce into his used condom to effectively kill his sperm so as to avoid this very kind of scenario.

There are now reports proclaiming that this Instagram model is threatening to sue Drake for essentially booby trapping his disposed condom.

It’s important to note that as of this writing, Drake has yet to comment on the matter to either confirm or deny the account – but the internet is ablaze with jokes about the incident, having now dubbed it the “Tabasco Fiasco.”

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