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You may have heard there’s a labor shortage in the U.S. That’s selling it short, though. We’re clearly living through one of the weirdest economies in this country’s history.

It’s as if millions of workers across the country just suddenly vanished. In April 2020, thanks to that insane wave of anti-COVID lockdowns, more than 20 million jobs disappeared in a single month. Jobs in restaurants, bars, gyms, and salons all vanished to “stop the spread.” None of that was needed, but we did it anyway.

Well, now it looks like the labor market is broken. Today, restaurants and bars say they want to employ people, but they can’t find workers. Hospitals too. We’ve heard over and over about how we need massive lockdowns to protect our healthcare system, but meanwhile, the number of actual hospital workers has dropped by about 80,000. Apparently, they just can’t find people to do the work.

What the hell is going on? Well, viewers of this program might have theories that the mainstream media won’t allow itself to report. For example: Maybe it’s these injections we’re forcing everyone to take. There are lots of people who have retired or simply stayed at home rather than get the jab, but it’s not just that. It could also be that there are people who got the jab, and thanks to that they’re no longer capable of working. Last year we interviewed Jummai Nache, the nurse who lost her hands and legs after her hospital forced her to get the shot. Two years ago, Jummai was a perfectly capable nurse and an asset to our country. Now, she’s disabled for life because of a shot she didn’t need.

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Our next guest could be a similar case. Cody Flint is 34 years old. Until recently he worked as an agricultural pilot. He has fifteen years of flying experience. Like so many other people, Cody received the Pfizer shot last year. He waited 48 hours, then went up for a flight, but everything was wrong. He got a severe headache, “like a bomb went off inside his head.” He got tunnel vision, couldn’t properly move his arms and legs, and he even blacked out. It’s a miracle he managed to successfully land his plane, and Cody isn’t sure how he did it because he doesn’t remember actually landing.

Cody went to a doctor who diagnosed him with vertigo. He says he’s also suffering from severe inter-cranial pressure. He has lesions on his inner ears and fluid leaking into his skull. Forget flying, now Cody can barely drive a car. He’d never had any issues like this before. Cody even had a physical just ten days before getting the vaccine which he passed with flying colors. Now, unless his health dramatically improves, Cody’s flying career is over.

So when you hear about these worker shortages all around the country, keep that in mind.

Cody Flint is with us now, by the grace of God, you’re not dead and you’re able to be here and tell your story. Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, and all of these alternative so-called “Conservative” outlets absolutely refuse to give a platform to you and others whose lives have been completely upended, but what you’re dealing with is real, and those cowards are not. What has this shot done to your life?

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