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Jabbed Pilot Issues Warning: Bioweapons Serious Risk for Pilots and Passengers

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Today on the Stew Peters Show, Stew interviewed former pilot Greg Pierson about the issues that the airline industry currently faces involving the bioweapon clot-shot.

Greg Pierson was a pilot for a major airline company that made the decision to get his first dose of the Pfizer shot out of sheer coercion. No later than 24 hours after receiving his first dose, he woke up to his heart nearly beating out of his chest in the dead of night.

Greg’s heart reached a whopping 180 beats per minute- that’s something athletes would see after running a marathon. Greg accordingly went to the local ER for this where he was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, luckily the hospital was able to stabilize Greg’s heart, but from then on he was unable to fly and his career has been ruined due to this condition. He now lives on disability.

“We reported a Delta airline pilot that died in the air at the controls of the plane and of course, the entire mockingbird media, Yahoo and USA Today and Rolling Stone and Newsweek and said Stew Peters is a liar and this didn’t happen,” Stew told Greg in response to the fact that big airlines companies are actively covering up pilots that have died in the air because of this bioweapon shot they are forcing through coercion into the arms of airmen.

This obviously poses a risk to the well-being of the passengers in these aircraft.

“If I was trying to land an airplane and we’re at low level and I have a sudden onset, if I stroke out or something, I could just push down on the controls and before the person next to us could do anything, it’s over,” Greg told Stew.

Right now, with a large sum of pilots being vaccinated and likely boosted, it is a real risk to go flying anywhere. Every time a vaxxed pilot flies, he or she runs the risk of having a severe adverse reaction due to the changes in pressure and altitude.

Greg proceeded to give a warning to the viewers that each time another booster is forced upon pilots, it is just rolling the dice all over again for these trained men and women to potentially have a reaction and end up killing their passengers because of it. This is a fact that the big airlines are doing everything in their power to hide from the public.

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