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Thursday will mark the one-year anniversary of the January 6 incident, the “insurrection” that the press is completely obsessed with. President Trump was scheduled to hold a press conference, but he’s backed out. Trump canceled his appearance, but the regime will be having one. We had hoped Trump would address all the evidence that the “chaos” of January 6 was orchestrated by agent provocateurs, people like Ray Epps that Congress has shown a conspicuous lack of interest in investigating any of it, but instead, Mar-a-Lago has signaled a surrender of the narrative, turning it over completely to Joe Biden’s communist handlers.

Today, President Trump trashed the opportunity to speak out on behalf of the political prisoners who, a full year later, are still rotting in prison for protesting on his behalf.

Jake Lang is one of those political prisoners. He’s 26 years old, from New York, but he’s rotting right now in the D.C. gulag for attending the January 6 rally. He’s been in that gulag for 12 months.

Now, for some perspective, just the other day the Manhattan DA in New York City announced some new policies for handling crimes there. One of those policies is that if you rob a person at gunpoint, it will only be prosecuted as larceny with a maximum sentence of one year, as long as prosecutors decide there wasn’t any real danger of a person being hurt. Again, we’re referring to robbing people at gunpoint. Already, Jake Lang has been held in jail for longer than the Manhattan DA wants to jail armed robbers.

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And Lang could be in prison for far longer. When prosecutors tried to pressure Lang into a plea bargain, even that would have put him in jail for six years or more. Without a plea bargain, they’ll likely be seeking far more.

And of course, as long as he sits in the D.C. gulag, Lang is being treated like an animal. His phone and tablet were taken away after he conducted an interview with Newsmax. He’s endured weeks in lockdown and solitary confinement. Since he refuses to get the vaccine, they force him into two weeks of quarantine any time he wants to have a confidential meeting with his attorneys, which is his constitutional right. All of this is making it almost impossible for Lang to effectively defend himself.

And of course, that’s the point of all this. Lang is a political prisoner, like all the January 6 defendants. For one hundred percent political reasons, the FBI and DOJ took a nothingburger incident and elevated it to an “insurrection,” to “the worst day for democracy since the Civil War,” “the worst attack on this nation since Pearl Harbor.” It would be a joke, except that hundreds of real lives are being destroyed by these lies at the hands of the elites seeking more money, more power, more control, and more subservience out of you – and if you dare get in their way, they’d prefer you just die.

Whoever stands up for these political prisoners will be the next president if we return to an election system that resembles a democracy, where your vote actually counts, because Americans want to elect someone that believes in the Constitution, freedom, liberty, and justice. We’re looking for bravery and American exceptionalism out of our next president, and it will be interesting to see who believes that those principles are worth fighting for.

As we just mentioned, Jake tried to do an interview with Newsmax and the jail cut off his interview feed live on air. We’re going to speak with Jake ourselves, but if the Jail cuts him off again his lawyer Steve Metcalf is on standby as well.

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