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Jen Psaki Gets Roasted Right To Her Face As Reporter Lists Off Biden’s First Year Disasters [VIDEO]

Campaigning that he would shut down the virus, not the economy, and bring unity back to America, President Joe Biden’s first year in office is finally over. And although there are technically still three years left of the Biden administration, the first year’s results are in, and it doesn’t look good. COVID-19 is still surging, inflation is hitting record highs, Biden’s approval rating is hitting record lows, and to top it all off, the unity that was promised never came. With reports showing Biden’s first year in the White House being dismal, to say the least, it appears White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has opted to act like Biden himself and just stare when presented with the news. 

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In the video featured below, a reporter was casually speaking with Psaki at a recent White House press conference when he brought up that Build Back Better was buried, voting rights was blocked, inflation is now at a 40-year high, the diplomatic relationship between Russian is deteriorating, and COVID-19 is still spreading. Throughout the entire time, the reporter listed off the failures of the Biden administration, Psaki didn’t interrupt or say a word. She just stared at the reporter. 

Although the reporter clearly roasted the entire Biden administration right in front of Psaki, he did have a meaning for it. He went on to ask when they will assess the situation and decide if there needs to be a change in leadership or goals.

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