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Jim Jordan Completely Shreds Biden & The Dems On COVID, Elections & More In Epic Two Minute Speech [VIDEO]

It might be easy to blame all the problems in America on President Joe Biden and his administration, but according to Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), the problem goes back to before Biden entered the White House. Even before the 2020 election and the claims of election fraud that would follow, the Democrats spent four years attacking the democratic process when former President Donald Trump was in office. It didn’t matter that the economy was growing, the border was secure – the Democrats led investigations, hearings, and impeachments while even questioning the 2016 election results. And making sure they didn’t forget it, Rep. Jordan reminded them on the House floor. 

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Given a little over two minutes to speak, the video below shows Rep. Jordan as he quickly divulged into a prepared speech about every decision the Democrats have made over the last decade. From Trump to COVID-19, Jordan pointed out how each movement made by the Democrats was tailored to attack the freedoms Americans hold close. And throughout the whole process, Jordan explained that the party continuously lied to the American people. 

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