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Joe Biden’s Governor’s Meeting Gets Really Awkward, Fox News’ Harris Faulkner’s Reaction Says It All [VIDEO]

Although it might be a new year and the Biden administration is definitely seeking a reset on 2021, Joe Biden continues to prove his mental incompetence when it comes to giving speeches. Even before Biden supposedly beat former President Donald Trump, he was known for making absurd comments, acting confused, and needing an assortment of help to get through a simple town hall. But over a year in, and it appears the same problems that plagued the White House over the last year might be here to stay. At least until 2024. 

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Recently, Biden was giving a speech with a number of Governors from around the country. The purpose was to discuss key issues in their states like crime, inflation, and COVID-19. But while that might have been the plan, Biden diverted by stating, “Why don’t I stop and take any questions you have…”

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That simple line would cause his handlers to go into a frenzy as in the video featured above, Biden was bombarded with questions from the press. And when the press started to hurl questions at the President, his handlers swooped in and rushed them out. The scene was so extraordinary and absurd that not only did Biden crack a smile, Fox News’ Harris Faulkner was left speechless by what she was watching. 

And to show that everything around the President is timed and choreographed, Biden even added that he was “supposed to” call on Governor Cox (of Utah) first. 

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