Comedian and online personality JP Sears, who was among the many individuals to speak at the “Defeat the Mandates” rally in Washington, D.C. earlier in January, recently uploaded a video online critiquing one of his own videos/positions from years ago – namely, a 2017 video of his lampooning Second Amendment activists as though they were over the top.

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In Sears’ January 29th video, aptly dubbed “Why I Was WRONG About Guns!” he confronted many of the talking points he uttered in his 2017 video mocking guns rights activists and admitted that much of the aspects he mocked or lampooned weren’t that far-fetched, considering actions taken by the government in a society enveloped by COVID mandates and restrictions.

To allot proper context, the June 2017 video where Sears mocked Second Amendment advocates was just over four minutes in length – which was really no more than an instance to paint gun enthusiasts as uneducated.

When compared to his January 29th response where Sears admitted to having a misled outlook, that video was just over 16 minutes – affording ample examination of his past positions and him owning up to having the wrong take on gun ownership nearly five years ago.

“Hi there friends, I was wrong about guns. I used to be pretty anti-gun – I’m a little embarrassed to say that. I thought they weren’t necessary, and we’d be better off without them, like ‘please government just take our guns, disarm us.’ What an idiot I was.”

To be fair, a lot of minds were changed about some serious topics over the past two years after COVID upended a myriad of established norms, and Sears stated that he doesn’t think it’s a “bad thing” when someone has an opportunity and genuinely does grow in their thinking and perspective.

“I was completely wrong, but I’ve changed my mind. I now view the Second Amendment as absolutely essential in upholding our freedoms and our liberty. I believe changing one’s mind about something isn’t a bad thing – I actually think it’s a good thing. It’s called learning, evolving your thinking – and accordingly, I like to admit when I was wrong.”

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