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Kill Grandma For “Your Safety”, Satanic Globalists Discard Nursing Home Residents

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An elderly woman is being trapped in a medical facility in California, her name is Fran Austin, and she is one of the thousands of the Greatest Generation being treated like cattle, thrown away by relatives and the soulless state.

She is routinely administered drugs without her consent and has personally signed her own discharge papers and even scheduled transportation from the draconian home, but Gavin Newsom’s commiefornia thinks they know better.

One man has stood up as her advocate, and his name is Michael Jackson. He is a registered nurse in the formerly ‘Golden State’ and spoke about the injustice on the Stew Peters Show, Monday.

“The fear that’s come upon people because of the COVID has isolated Fran from her family and other people,” Nurse Jackson said. “Whos behind this? I’d say spiritually, it’s the Devil, and he’s got players down here who are working for him.”

“In our society, it is now being said that its culturally normal to just discard grandma and grandpa, of aunty and uncle, just be rid of elderly people who want to live out their lives in peace, that’s what the message is here,” Stew Peters said. “We’re going to program the young, and discard the old, it’s sick, it’s demonic, it’s satanic, it’s happening.”

“She’s been left there, sad to say, die, were sending out a lifeline to her best we can, to help rescue her and get her out of there, shine some light on there, break the chains of this darkness,” Nurse Jackson said in agreement.

If you want to help, you can call this number: (800) 385-2527, or send a strongly worded letter to this address where Fran is being held hostage: 250 Fairview Road, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91361

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